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re: Tanking Siege of Orgrimmar - Wing 1



Ability/NPC Course of Action
Don't stand in these. Drop them side by side.

Taunt if the other tank is hit by this. Don't let a
tank get hit by a second if they have the debuff.

Move back into range if you are knocked back,
especially if you are highest on threat.
Kill Sha Puddles when Immerseus splits, and
apply healing abilities to Contaminated Puddles.


The Fallen Protectors

Rook Stonetoe

Ability/NPC Course of Action

Face away from the raid. Use a defensive
if necessary.

Kite around the outside as it leaves
Defiled Ground.
Interrupt as much as possible. Can be
cleaved down with other targets.

He Softfoot

Ability/NPC Course of Action

Immediately turn your back to He as
this is cast. Otherwise, the other tank may
need to taunt if you're incapacitated.

Take He around the outside to avoid
dropping puddles amongst the centre.

If the mark is set on you, make sure to
use defensive cooldowns as the
increasing damage is mitigated.

Sun Tenderheart

Ability/NPC Course of Action

Tanks have the option of going underneath
this dome. Make sure your target is still
appropriately positioned to not inflict
damage upon the rest of the raid.



Amalgam of Corruption

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Taunt when the other tank reaches 3 or 4 stacks.
Can be taunted at higher amounts.

The damage of this attack increases due to the
previous debuff. Be prepared for defensives and
healing if this ability hits with a greater debuff.


These will spawn upstairs when a DPS kills one
as part of their test. These must be picked up
and tanked. At 50% health, and every 10% thereafter,
the Amalgam of Corruption will spawn these NPCs.

Test of Confidence

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Walk through the boss as he begins to cast.
Avoid being smashed by this conal attack.

Interrupt or reflect this attack.

Avoid or block this attack. Otherwise, make sure
to recover from this ability.

Sha of Pride

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Taunt if the other tank has this debuff.
Otherwise they will generate greater amounts
of Pride that can cause further problems.
The tank currently not holding the Sha of Pride
needs to gather up the Reflections from the raid.

The tank holding the Sha of Pride needs to
stand on the lock closest to the boss, and the
other tank on the back lock.

A tank must always been in melee range of the
boss. Otherwise they will strike the closest
target possible, or attack a player from distance.


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