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re: Tanking Siege of Orgrimmar - Wing 2



Phase 1 - Foot Soliders

Ability/NPC Course of Action

Taunt, stun, or knock back these NPCs when
they start casting Fracture on a friendly NPC.

Tidal Shaman
Interrupt as often as possible, in
particular their Chain Heal. Kill Healing
Tide Totems when they are summoned.
Banner needs to be killed as soon as it
is dropped.
Don't stand in their conal fire breath attack.
In general, maintain threat and allow
to be cleaved down by DPS.

Ranking Officials - Tower Units

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Be careful of movement reduction due to
Thunder Clap. Be towards the centre of the
platform in order to avoid the Arcing Smash
conal attack.
Be prepared for constant damage from
Shoot when first engaging. Be towards the
centre of the platform in order to avoid the
Muzzle Spray conal attack.

Ranking Officials - Ground Units

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Korgra the
Make sure to hold threat on her and her
minions. Don't be standing in the Shadow
Assault cast by Korgra's minions.
High Enforcer
Make sure that Thranok isn't being face into
the raid group for Shattering Cleave. After
players have been hooked in, immediately
run out of the dust circle to avoid being hit
by Skull Cracker.

Phase 2 - Galakras

Ability/NPC Course of Action
A stacking debuff that needs to be taunted
when the current tank is at 5-6 stacks.
Stand to the side to drop your debuff.


Iron Juggernaut

Assault Mode

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Applies Ignite Armor to the tank, a stacking
debuff. At 3 stacks, the tanks will switch.
The first tank in Assault Mode will usually
switch at 2 stacks in preparation for Crawler Mines.
Avoid this attack as it's being sent out to
hit ranged members of the raid.
Crawler Mines The tank not dealing with the Iron Juggernaut
will need to jump on the mines that come out.
Be sure to use defensives and wait to be
healed up before jumping on any other mines.

Siege Mode

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Crawler Mines These are released at a greater rate during
this phase. Make sure to jump on these in the
same manner as the Assault Mode.


Kor'kron Dark Shaman

Darkfang and Bloodclaw

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Only a tank should be in front to take this attack.

Stacking debuff. Can increase rapidly if both
wolves attack one tank.

Earthbreaker Haromm

Ability/NPC Course of Action
When the tank with Haromm reaches 5 stacks,
and the other tank's debuff has cleared then
a taunt switch of the bosses will occur.
A line of Ash Elementals are released perpendicular
to the current tank of Haromm. Where possible,
these need to be released to a wall of the area
where Haromm is being tanked and not impeding
the path of other members of the raid.

Wavebinder Kardris

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Unavoidable damage, although it is possible to
reflect or copy this spell for different classes.
Move the boss(es) away if these are too close
to them.

The current tank will have this mechanic target
them. This can switch targets mid-cast if the other
tank taunts. The tank needs to move in a fashion
that the Foul Slimes don't land on the tank, but
can be damaged immediately by the ranged.

Do not have the bosses positioned in this
area of effect near point of impact.


General Nazgrim

Ability/NPC Course of Action
This can go to at least 4 stacks before a taunt
switch is required. Any higher, and Nazgrim will
generate rage at a higher rate. This will go up to
10 stacks maximum.
After a Heroic Shockwave, make sure you and
other close ranged members aren't standing in this.
Kor'kron Banners need to be killed
as soon as possible.
The tank can only attack, and not generate rage,
when the tank is afflicted with Sundering Blow.
Taunt switch still remains the same throughout
this phase.
 Kor'kron Forces In general, help with these if not tanking.
Interrupt, stun, knockback, whatever it takes to
keep them under control and away from the boss.


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