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re: Tanking Siege of Orgrimmar - Wing 4


Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Siegecrafter Blackfuse

Ability/NPC Course of Action

When a weapon is destroyed on the conveyor
belt, make sure to have abilities/resources to
survive the flurry of incoming damage.

After receiving three stacks of this ability, an
Automated Shredder will shortly spawn. Not
only is there a switch of tank for this, but the
debuff is required for dealing with the
Automated Shredder.
When Blackfuse gets too close to the
Automated Shredder, he will heal it back up.
Make sure distance is kept between the two.

Automated Shredder

Ability/NPC Course of Action

Only the tank with the stacks of
Electrostatic Charge can deal efficient damage
to this NPC. They can also use effects from the
various weapons to assist in damage.

Stand clear of the area the Automated Shredder
is leaping up and down on. Handy if the area
has a damaging environmental effect.


Paragons of the Klaxxi

Live Bosses
Tank 1 Tank 2 Course of Action
Skeer One tank cannot hold Skeer
and Rik'kal together at the same
time due to the abilities linked
in their names in this section.
Skeer Since Hisek is more stationary,
the first tank can pick up the
moving target of Ka'roz. Avoid the
green ground effect of Flash and
the Hurled Amber.
Korven Face Korven away from the
rest of the raid. Be prepared to
hit a defensive or call out for
a defensive if Shield Bashed then
victim of Vicious Assault.
Iyyokuk Don't be standing in a Fiery Edge
of Iyyokuk when this activates.
Make sure your health is high
enough not to fall victim to Diminish.
Iyyokuk The tank with Xaril needs to make
sure they are using their Active
Mitigation abilities to counter
Caustic Blood.
Either tank can safely pick up Kaz'tik
at this stage.
Ka'roz, at this stage, is 50% stronger.
The option again is left open to the
tanks in regards to who gets Kil'ruk.
Beware of Gouge and Mutilate,
especially if you have Iyyokuk.
Kil'ruk Iyyokuk Two to go. Iyyokuk is now
40% stronger.
 Kil'ruk Kil'ruk   Last one. Make sure the raid doesn't
get excited and pile in, otherwise a
chunk may experience Death from Above.

Power of the Paragons

Paragon Buff Benefit
Transform into a scorpion while dealing damage. Order of priority with the buttons,
by playing whack-a-mole with them, is Prey
(for any parasites up), StingSwipe, and Claw. The order of those buttons should be 4, 3, 2, 1. Lasts 30 seconds.
Either place yourself, or another player, in an amber block to be protected. Lasts 5 seconds.
Summons a Kunchong to fight alongside you. Lasts 40 seconds.


Garrosh Hellscream

Stage One: The True Horde

Ability/NPC Course of Action
All adds will have increased health
and damage. The tank with Garrosh
will most likely pull threat due to
Vengeance. Defensives are advised
if the off-tank cannot hold threat.
Wolf Rider
This add needs to be held by a tank.
Don't interrupt Chain Lightning, but
Ancestral Chain Heal instead.
The NPCs need to be held towards
the centre so they are struck by the
Iron Star, but you aren't.
Make sure not to be over towards
the side where the Iron Star explodes.
This may result in greater damage
being taken.


Intermissions: Realm of Y'Shaarj

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Embodied Fear
Use AoE abilities as you run straight
through, gathering up all of the NPCs
to be cleaved down by the raid at the
end of the path.
 Embodied Doubt
(Jade Serpent)
Five groups of three. Organise which
tank is going left, and the other to the
right. Use interrupts where appropriate.
 Embodied Despair
(Red Crane)
Decide which tank is going left, and the
other to the right. Aim to have these
defeated at the same time, otherwise
defensives may need to be used if one
dies well before the other one can.
Don't stand in this. Avoid at all costs.


Stage Two: Power of Y'Shaarj

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Taunt switch when the other tank is at 8-10
stacks of the debuff. Stacks can be higher if
it can be controlled by the tank and healers.

A defensive, or mitigation, will need to be
used if you are the current tank. Garrosh
will follow a tank if they currently have threat.

At 25 energy, Minions of Y'Shaarj will spawn
from the attack. If a minion dies next to another,
the minion alive will heal up, have more HP, and
deal more damage. Missiles will also shoot at
random players.

Players will be transformed by this ability. They
can be interrupted from casting, and crowd
controlled. Get them if they are in melee range.

At 50 energy, the touched player will be immune
to crowd control. Again, if they are in melee range,
interrupt them and spread damage to them.


Stage Three: MY WORLD

Ability/NPC Course of Action
Garrosh empowers automatically to
100 energy. Explosive Despair is caused
when this spell expires or is removed.
This will cause people to take increased
shadow damage.
Minion of
Because it's the last 25% of Garrosh's
health, this may turn into a DPS race.
One tank may have to pick up and hold
adds while taunting off the other tank.
Same applies as previously stated.
At 75 energy, weapons can no longer
be destroyed.

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